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Things I've enjoyed making, mostly for fun, sometimes for research

Graphing teenage birth rates

Lowering birth rates across Europe with time

Buying a tumble drier

When you’re not sure what tumble drier to buy, and your methodically-minded wife puts together a spreadsheet of data, why not turn it into a graph? The two planes indicate the increase in price between going low energy-efficiency (B or A+) to high (A++ or A+++).


The sentiments of the BBC Question Time audience

A sentiment analysis lets you categorise words and get an impression of how people are feeling when they’re writing. If you stream tweets in five-minute chunks while watching a popular show (using, say, the #bbcqt tag), why not animate how things are going…

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Why Aren't Today's Teens Getting Pregnant?

Originally posted here at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit blog. With thanks to Enni for permission to reuse!